Tour de Eiffel

Sunday 16th October

Christopher’s 18th Birthday



After a late start we made our way on the Metro to the station near the Eiffel Tower and walked up through the park towards the big tall world icon

So did thousands of other people.





One plan is to go back later tonight to see it at night. I’ll let you know if it happens.

Instead we caught the metro up to the Montmartre. This is up on a hill and overlooks the whole city. There is also a cathedral of course but the area is the arty area of Paris so the markets are full of artworks, and the home of the famous Moulin Rouge revue.




We found an old cemetery that gave us a break from the busy crowds and low sun that always requires a hand up to shield the eyes.

Entertainment is everywhere, including buskers on the Metro.

buskers on the Metro


Did we go back at night?
Yes we did.
Pictures won’t load
will do them later. Packing to head to Normandy now.
Rushing through getting the sheets washed.
Jacobs not well. Flu, high temp. Not good.






and here is a video of the sparkles

9 thoughts on “Tour de Eiffel”

    1. Hmmm, I agree you are correct, for French speakers.

      For Australians, this was an attempt at a clever play on words using the Tour de France as the basis for my mangling of your language. However it seems that Tour in French actually means Tower, so Tour Eiffel is the obvious correct description.

      So what is the French name for the cycling thing that a Aussie won this year?

      1. can work for Aussies but not for French. You’re right in Tour Eiffel, Tour means tower but in Tour de France, it means around France. Different meaning so French wouldn’t see the play on words …

  1. Love the family pics…….hope Christopher had the best 18th and you got to go back to the Eiffel Tower at night. Take care driving to Normandy.

  2. If its the ‘OLD CEMETERY’ I think it is then there are some extremely famous people lying in them there graves!!! Hope Jacob is ok to travel – nothing worse when feeling crook. Loving the pics and the photo of Moulin Rouge has a special connection for me I use to take class in a very popular Dance Studio (amongst the Paris Opera Dancers and others like me!!!) The entrance was just up the Road from Moulin Rouge. Oh and the photos of Notre Dame – I use to walk past it each day on the way to work! So nostalgia plus!!!!!!

  3. Love the photos of the Eiffel Tower at night….stunning, even better than the daytime shots!!!!! Love to Jacob, hope he gets better soon. Take care.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. It helps me to remain diligent and up to date if I know you are being entertained, enthralled, and reminisced. sp???

    Jan, I haven,t told you about my international dancing cousins have I? Cynthia was the first, and then the next generation followed with the daughter of another cousin, Amanda.

    Clearly we are a very talented family! 🙂

    Apologies for any typo,s, French keyboards are different, and I can,t find some things, such as the apostrophe. So perhaps the talent is not evenly spread across the family..!

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