Redbank Gorge

Overnight was not as cold, and we didn’t realise it at the time but this indicated a change in the weather that would radically affect our trip.
We planned to travel the Mereenie Loop road which required a permit and was not recommended for caravans. It certainly was a rough road, but interesting as we passed ranges and features like Gosse’s Bluff where a meteorite hit the earth a long long time ago.

On a flat and desolate part of the track we came across two vehicles at the side of the road and were waved down by an adult. They were both towing camper trailers and there seemed to be heaps of kids everywhere, we think there might have been 4 in each car. One of the camper trailers was upside down and still partially attached to the 4WD towing it. A spring shackle had been broken by the pounding on the rough road and that caused the trailer to flip over. Dad says they were very lucky it wasn’t a heavier trailer otherwise it may have flipped the car as well. This time the tow hitch had twisted and was all mangled up which saved the car from flipping.

We arrived at Redbank Gorge in time to set up camp in the special camp area. Each site had a fire ring and sites were set well apart for privacy. In designated campsites there were always toilets, mostly smelly drop toilets, not nice flushing ones like at Docker River. This nice spot also had some river sand where we could pitch our tent, which was a good thing because there were nasty prickles around. We laid out our shadecloth on the ground each night so we kept the dirt out of the tent and prickles out of our feet.
We walked around 2km to the end of the gorge along the river bed and found the deep water hole and skimmed some stones. When we got back to the site we took pictures of the nice sunset – the clouds building up was leading to rain but the forecast was for showers developing tomorrow.
By midnight it was raining!
Cassidy heard dingo’s growling in the night.