Planning for our big trip to Europe

For thousands of years, millions of people have travelled through Europe – but not us. Well, apart from Jacob that is, and he is our designated tour guide.

On Friday night in a couple of weeks we will leave on a big Emerites jet plane and fly to Dubai then on to Nice.

Our friends Julien and Virginie will look after us for a couple of days, and drop us off in Marseilles.

Then it’s a train trip to Geneva, on to Luzern, and arriving in Salzburg a few days later.

A Sound of Music tour will be part of the Salzburg experience, complete with Kerry singing along at every opportunity.

Next stop is Munich for the Oktoberfest, and onwards to Berlin in the north.

We’ll drop in to visit Tim’s half fourth cousin once removed, Christiane in Hannover and soak up the family history, before heading south again through the Rhine Valley on trains and arriving in Paris on October 13th.

Marie has kindly let her use her apartment for the weekend so we can have a real Parisian experience with inner city living. Not done yet, we’ll head west into Normandy to stay with Virginie’s relatives on a farm. By then we will be fully experienced European travellers and hire a car to drive around Normandy, and make our way through south west France and back to Julien and Virginie for a reunion before our flight from Nice back to Perth.

We’ll be leaving Jacob in Europe so he can go off and explore more by himself, and Dubai will be an interesting ten hour stopover for us on the way home.