Off to Alice Springs

Hiking along the Larapinta trail in the West McDonald ranges, Central Australia, has been something to do for a while.

The distance, lack of nice campsites, and water had put me off, as had the need for food drops. All too hard, like the harsh inland environment.

My lovely wife Kerry however has given me the impetus to get on an do this walk, but she had provisos. She would walk with me if we did a supported walk, one where we only carried a small Day pack during the day and our other needs were met by people we paid money to.

For a little moment I felt like I was moving to a next stage of life, from a tent to a caravan, from a house to ‘downsize’. I quickly stepped over that threshold when I heard the bit about her walking with me. This was going to be nice. And truthfully the idea of not carrying 20kg each was very appealing.

So after a bit of googling, we booked with Trek Larapinta. I’d also looked at Inspiration Outdoors who I came across when looking to become a tour guide a little while ago. But their tour was longer and included places we didn’t need to pay to be taken to again.

Today we fly to Alice Springs, and we’ll be home again in a week. Not sure how regularly the updates will come, it is the outback after all!!

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  1. Have a fabulous time both of you. Take care and enjoy every minute. Can’t wait to see your photos.

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