Missoula, Montana – Day 2

A nice surprise breakfast at the trendiest place in Missoula – Caffe Dolce and then heading north of the town to Holland Lake and a 6km hike to a waterfall.

With temperatures up to around 27°C and plenty of steep climbs, this was very pleasant scenery wise, but had tough sections.

The drive of an hour took us through the now familiar steep mountains with flat river valleys around Missoula and a turn of at Holland Lake Road. Ellis and Don had brought a visitor here a week ago and walked to the waterfalls at the end. Trish and Ellis made it a third of the way before resting.

Don allocates his two cans of bear spray – high powered pepper spray commonly used – or carried and hopefully not used – in this area. Guns are carried by some, but are unlikely to kill an attacking bear immediately – and will likely make the beer ever more angry. Pepper spray is regarded as the best defence.

Despite assurances we will not see a bear on this track, Kerry and I were a little anxious at this strange threat.

The track sometime followed the most clear glacial lake, and sometimes climbed quite high. Eventually at the end of a long climb, we found the waterfall we were seeking. It’s cooling spray was a welcome relief from the warm sun.

Views were WONDERFUL.

Don found us a nice bridge over a lilly covered lake for a late lunch and then another turnoff found us at the abandoned town of Garnite. Trish’s aunt lived in one of these houses in her youth. It was certainly a pretty spot, but given it was over 1800m high, it would have been bitterly cold in winter.

A pleasant day indeed, finished by a welcome Skype call with Jacob.






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  1. Awesome photos…..the scenery looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing lots more when you arrive home. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Take care of the bears. 🙂

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