Laverton and the Great Central Road

We packed up in the morning and drove on the bitumen road the rest of the way into Laverton where we fuelled up and topped up on water for our first big stage. Dad let the tyres down a bit so the rough road wouldn’t seem so rough ­ it still was though. We drove along the Great Central Road and Christopher and Caitlin tried to keep counting the abandoned burnt cars by the road but stopped counting at 281 that they saw. We also saw wild camels and several pairs of wedge tailed eagles hunting beside the road. It was great to see these wonderful wild creatures.

Dad had some coordinates for the GPS to find some rockholes off the road and the first one we tried we found. It was a lovely high spot on flat rock overlooking the country to the north. It was dry and someone had put an animal skeleton into it. We had lunch there and ran around looking for stuff.
The road was rough and corrugated and we couldn’t play the DVD’s.
We tried to find several other waterholes but couldn’t. However searching for the last one for the day we found a great campsite off the road instead, so set up camp and collected the wood for our fire.
Our camp was sheltered from the wind by a hill and there were enough trees and rocks around for Christopher Cassidy and Caitlin to play 44 and spotlight.
We were getting used to the jobs of setting up a camp by now and each of us had our important jobs to do.

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