Kings Canyon

In the morning there was ice on our things and Christopher’s water bottle froze overnight. Our towels and flannels were stiff – especially Mum’s as she had hung it over the back of a chair and it kept it’s shape because of the freezing.
Dad’s hands had been cracking due to the cold air and become very painful over the last few days. The people at the station shop gave him some special lanolin all the station workers use which worked a treat but he had to wear his gloves all day to help keep his hands warm.
They were bright red and he looked a bit odd as we walked around Kings Canyon.

We drove to Kings Canyon and headed off on the 6km walk around the top of the canyon. The start was very steep and soon we spread out according to our pace. The sides of the canyon were made of soft sandstone and showed many beautiful colours. There was also secret dells where there was permanent water and remnant ferns and palms grew there – left over from a time millions of years ago when the country was wet and rainforest.
Jacob and Dad arrived back first and walked up the base of the canyon too along the creek bed.
Back at camp that afternoon we relaxed from our busy schedule and Mum managed to do some washing with the one washing machine in the campground. It was in the women’s toilet which meant Dad couldn’t do the washing even if he had wanted to….
Instead he was making friends with our new neighbours – an Australian couple who chatted to us over the campfire that night. Earlier Dad and Jacob found a good spot for collecting wood and we could have a nice warm fire.

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