Joue-Les-Tours to Sarlat

Day of car travel from one to another. Chilly start with plenty of fog around Tours, motorways with 130kmh speed limit which we took advantage of, small country lanes that put driving skills to the test to place the car in the right spot on the road. Getting used to it now.

Cassidy is suddenly keen to drive, so she has been changing gears for me and taken the front seat to manage the GPS and directions. This is good learning as the gearshift is all on the correct side for when she gets to a go herself.. I.e changing gears with her left arm.

Sarlat is a medieval town we will explore a little tomorrow. We are off the main highways for the time being, off the tourist routes, and it is getting colder with fewer travelers around.

Nice time to travel, like we had been told.

I’ve added a video to the Eiffel tower page that shows it sparkling at night, pop back and have a look from the link at the bottom of the Eiffel tower page.

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  1. No, I think you’re right on the tourist routes … it’s a very touristic area, it’s just that it’s low peak season

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