Desert Oaks and Docker River

Wild camels resting by the road and what they thought of us….and what they thought of us…. A hill to climb

Overnight had been cold, around 5°C so we were a bit slow getting going. The fire warmed us up, but also took time away from packing up. We walked back to the road whilst Dad and Don finished packing up and found a baby stroller broken down. We hoped the baby was okay!
Before we arrived in Warburton the road had got a lot rougher. We came across people with a camper trailer with a broken axle. They had set up a camp under some tarpaulins in a flat and uninteresting part of the country waiting for a new axle. The man at the roadhouse told Dad they would be waiting about a week for a new one to come from Perth and Laverton. We fuelled up there and paid the highest price on the trip – $1.60 a litre.
We arrived in Warburton, which was really only a roadhouse and the Council offices and display gallery. The community was away from the road and out of bounds for us. We saw many of the local people and their noisy cars, but didn’t talk to them.

We looked over the gallery at Warburton where they had some great dot paintings and artefacts. Cassidy and Caitlin bought beads and Christopher bought some music sticks.
After Warburton the road got a little better, but it was still rough. Dad and Don drove on the side of the road a bit so only half the wheels were on the corrugations which made it a bit smoother. It was like riding a roller coaster when we came to a floodway though as we had to dart back onto the main road then off again.
We stopped for lunch at the base of a hill which we all climbed apart from Dad who made lunch. Don helped Cassidy climb the hill.
Later in the afternoon we saw the Peterman Ranges rise ahead of us and the country changed to much more vegetation. Groves of magnificent desert oaks lined the road around the intersections with the original Gunbarrel Highway as we headed towards Giles Weather Station.
There were more creek crossings which were dry but they made travelling more up and down rather than the flat country of the rest of the day.
We drove through a pass in the Petermann Ranges and soon found ourselves pulling into the campsite near Docker River. It was a lovely spot under desert oaks and we had the luxury of flushing toilets and running water from a tap at the campsite. We don’t need to tell you what we had been doing for the toilet before then.

Dad and Don drove away to get wood for the fire to keep us warm at night and to cook on. We set up our tent and after the wind dropped and it was another lovely night.
Christopher cooked dinner for us and we had Chicken Tonight.
Cassidy saw a dingo in the shadows near the fire, but it disappeared before others could see it.

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