Day Twelve – Punululu

beehive domes, cathedral gorge, two elephants. Hot in the sun but great to have been here. Sandstone is very soft but has an iron component which rusts and protects it from weathering. If breeched the inner sandstone erodes quickly.

Echidna gorge. Not far away but quite different geologically. Conglomerate rock of rolled River stones when fast moving water rolled the stones smooth, then eons of time compressed then with silt into a solid mass.

5 thoughts on “Day Twelve – Punululu”

  1. Did anyone sing when you were in Cathedral Gorge? The acoustics are amazing. I was moved to tears by a beautiful voice singing there. – just a random event. Lucky to be there at the time.

  2. Also we flew over Purnululu in a helicopter – no doors – beautiful scenery but a scary experience. Lovely photos of wonderful scenery.

    1. My nerves will settle after a few days. It was windy, about 35 knots, so we were buffeted a lot more than I expected. Don’t need to do it again.

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