Days 9 and 10 – Mt Zebra and Karoo National Parks

What a special couple of days – the first tour through a South African national park with scenery very reminiscent of the Pilbara or more-so the Kimberley in Western Australia, and kangaroos or emus being replaced by zebra, gibbon, eland and other creatures.

Mt Zebra was the first, Karoo was the second.

Big landscapes



Kudu with calf
Female Kudu
Kudu or Red Hartebeest


Eland have long long horns
Zebra Dust bath
Zebra Dust Bath
Zebra Dust Bath
Zebra Dust Bath
Lunch would appear from Car 5

Ground Squirrel with a lovely bushy tail

Toothpick bush
Birds hollow made of grass

Guest houses with a view