Flying tonight

No more sleeps!

Bags are packed.


Jacob’s car to be loaned to Lisa


And Pippi’s turbo has been made by Graeme and packed into tim’s bag ready for immediate delivery at Nice airport.


Doggies are looking concerned with all the packing.


Baillie and Izzy


And the garden has been mulched and at last reticulated after a year of waiting for that little job to be done. Kerry says it’s been five years. 🙁
Roses are going to good this year.


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Two more sleeps

I’ve bought some industrial ear plugs for the flights, and to help counter the snoring in hostel dorms or Bibbulmun track huts.

They seem quite effective at shutting out the external world and all I’m left with are my own voices to talk to ….

Busy preparing the house to be babysat by Andrew whilst we are away. Put a hold on mail delivery, cancelled the milk, set the sprinklers, got the doggies groomed.

Two more sleeps

Less than a week to go

With less than a week to go, today we’re having a family gathering to farewell the intrepid travellers.

With five more sleeps to go, things are mostly looking positive, apart from Cassidy who is coming down with blocked nose. eeek. Tim is recovering from two weeks of the same so let’s hope she can keep a clear head for the long flights ahead. No one is allowed to have any broken bones, toothache, or anything unresolvable before we fly Friday night.

Julien and Virginie will come from Hyeres to Nice to pick us up at the airport. We’ve got Pippi coming from across the border in Genoa to pick us up at the Nice airport too. Pippi has the same Landcruiser as Tim, and Tim is delivering a new upgraded turbo hand built by Tim’s friend Graeme. In return, Pippi will make the long journey to meet us at the airport and drop us off at Hyeres. Very good of him. No doubt there will be chatting about Landcruisers and turbos and other exciting things as we cruise along the Mediterranean coastline.

Tim’s phoned our host in Munich, Mrs Obendorfer and she is insisting on picking us up from the train station when we arrive. We’ll be with her for three nights, after a couple with Virginie and Julien in Hyeres, then Marseilles, Geneva, Luzern and Salzburg.

Cousin Chris in Hannover (Half Fourth Cousin once removed for Tim – i.e. a close German relative)  has kindly organised our accommodation whilst we stay for the weekend, and tour the far past ancestral home patch – goes back around five generations for Tim.   On a recommendation of Tim’s friend Brian, we’ve also phoned Dubai and booked up Ali for a taxi tour on our way back.

All our plans are falling into place nicely. Getting excited!

Planning for our big trip to Europe

For thousands of years, millions of people have travelled through Europe – but not us. Well, apart from Jacob that is, and he is our designated tour guide.

On Friday night in a couple of weeks we will leave on a big Emerites jet plane and fly to Dubai then on to Nice.

Our friends Julien and Virginie will look after us for a couple of days, and drop us off in Marseilles.

Then it’s a train trip to Geneva, on to Luzern, and arriving in Salzburg a few days later.

A Sound of Music tour will be part of the Salzburg experience, complete with Kerry singing along at every opportunity.

Next stop is Munich for the Oktoberfest, and onwards to Berlin in the north.

We’ll drop in to visit Tim’s half fourth cousin once removed, Christiane in Hannover and soak up the family history, before heading south again through the Rhine Valley on trains and arriving in Paris on October 13th.

Marie has kindly let her use her apartment for the weekend so we can have a real Parisian experience with inner city living. Not done yet, we’ll head west into Normandy to stay with Virginie’s relatives on a farm. By then we will be fully experienced European travellers and hire a car to drive around Normandy, and make our way through south west France and back to Julien and Virginie for a reunion before our flight from Nice back to Perth.

We’ll be leaving Jacob in Europe so he can go off and explore more by himself, and Dubai will be an interesting ten hour stopover for us on the way home.