Alice Springs

We opened the tent in the morning to a very different place than the night before. It was wet. Very wet, with puddles all around us. We packed up and had breakfast inside the tent and dscf0766 dscf0769 dscf0770between showers of rain.
Dad drove very carefully along the muddy tracks in the rain, sometimes having to go through deep puddles that showered red mud right over the car and blocked out the windscreen until the wipers cleared it. It was exciting. Some cars were not using their 4WD and were sliding all over the place and cutting up the road.
Instead of a nice drive alongside the McDonell Ranges with frequent stop offs at famous gorges like Stanley Chasm, we just had to keep driving in the rain til we arrived at the oddly named Wintersun Caravan Park in Alice Springs. It was 7° at 2pm when we arrived.