Alice Springs

Today it kept raining most of the day, so we relaxed in our cabin and did some shopping.
We walked to the School of the Air which was a very different way of going to school than we are used to. We bought a book for them so the isolated children would get better reading books.
Dad found out a lot of the roads towards the Simpson Desert were closed because of the rain and we may need to change our plans.

The Camel Cup was on today, so we rugged up in our warm jackets and went to the Showgrounds. There were lots of stalls selling things and it was very relaxed atmosphere.
Eventually the Camels started racing. In the first race, a rider was tossed off and had to walk the rest of the way.
Another camel decided racing was too hard, so just sat down on the track. It was very funny.

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In the afternoon we toured the Desert Park which taught us a lot about the environments around Central Australia and all the animals that live there.

We saw some birds of prey that came very close to us.