Glacier walks

22nd June 2018

Not the most pleasant night for anyone as we headed back down the west coast. Plenty of uneven swells had the Kinfish moving and the captain slowed the vessel to make it more comfortable. Of course, this made it last longer before we could move into the protection of Krossfjodan again.

But eventually end it did and of course the sun came out too as we motored up to the enormous Lilliehöök  glacier.  A search for foxes on the steep slope as they chased a feed of birds eggs was successful as we spotted one step it’s way carefully down the steep slope, only to be deterred by the flapping wings of a pair of very protective geese.

We cruised across the front of Lilliehöök glacier and then parked up nearby (map Link) before launching the zodiacs for a walk.

Jean catching up on some reading in the sun after we cruised a magnificent glacierWith little wildlife to be seen, Barry and I were keen to stride out and stretch our legs. However for safety’s sake we couldn’t stretch the group out, so complied as best we could with the guides request.