Around town in Oslo

Off on another walking tour this morning – it’s nice and sunny in Oslo today, forecast for a high of about 20°C. But my companions are keen to find out what they are in for in Longyearbyen.

Dismal weather it seems – this is mid summer at the north pole.

But that is for tomorrow. Today, we have another walking tour to get to  and this time by 10:00am the Tiger at the train station.

Oslo Free Walking Tours sorted us out again, this time with around 40 people on a warm summers day.

Panorama inside City Hall

Whilst the guide was enthusiastic and native born Norwegian – Viking she said – the topics were not quite so interesting as yesterday.


But we did discover some of the highlights of the city – the fancy looking opera house, old city halls with wonky walls built many years ago, waterfront with big cruise ships, the city’s attempts to copy the Champs Elyse in Paris, and plenty of yarns too. These ARE good ways to see around cities and I recommended to any traveller to search out free walking tours – probably no matter the company.


Oslo’s first city hall. They were used to building in wood, but this often burnt down, so they build in stone but it took a bit of extra skill to get it to go straight.
Opera House
Opera House



A little weary after two days of walking tours and 10kms, we enjoyed a Subway like lunch, bought some beers and enough food for tonight, and have retired to our very spacious and pleasant apartment to do washing, repack for tomorrow. 6:30am leaving from the front door for the flight north to adventure really begin.