Up to the top of the world

An awesome opportunity has come about for me to travel to the group of islands close to the North Pole named Svalbard in June 2018.

It’ll be 24 hour sunlight and peak summer. The temperature might get to 5°C!   uuuugh, I really don’t like being cold. sigh.

Along with cousin Barry, Jenny and Jean, we’ll be flying to Oslo for a couple of days to recover, then flying to the lovely named village Longyearbyen.   It’s part of Norway, though several hours flight north of Oslo.

Our home for ten days -The Kinfish

We’ll be boarding the small boat, the Kinfish, for a ten day tour run by http://nozomojo.com

We have to board by 16:00 +2GMT  on Thursday 14th June. There is a webcam of the port at Longyearbyen, Svalbard so you can see us board.


Go there when we are, and we’ll wave to you!!

You might be able to track where the Kinfish is at any time at Kinfish location  or where we are using my SPOT tracker that I trigger a location throughout the journey by clicking onto the Maps page here