An Autmn Sunday in Vancouver

A sleep in, catching up on wifi stuff and a cloudy morning slowly resolved into a pleasant afternoon of exploring this nice city. It could do with a bit more sunshine though!

We checked out the walking route for our departure by Greyhound bus in the morning, it seems safe enough!  Over the road was a skytrain terminal – suburban underground, or above ground light rail with driverless trains.   $6.95 each for a day pass and off we went, first into the city, then a change of trains to head south on a different track and make our way to the Queen Elizabeth Gardens

Had a lovely chat with Keith and Peter who where the early starters for the Vancouver Bowling Club. First job was to sweep the entire green clear of worm castings. Crows get into the green as well chasing the worms. Fortunately no moles were around as they leave much bigger piles of dirt.

We spent a nice couple of hours wandering around this old rock quarry, admiring the subtle colours, hues and textures that are different from a Kings Park in Perth for example. They soft lighting too makes a difference to how the city feels.

Red Burritos was our lunch destination and another short train ride and longish walk. Another 12km walking today – surprised how it builds up each day.

Jeff let us print off our tickets the bus ride tomorrow, a slip up on my part for not doing this before I left home, and making arrangements for the next few days in Seattle as we head south to join the Schrieffer family from Montana.

Our little hidden gem was a pretty garden and library box on the verge of one house. Their efforts to create some community feel next to a 6 lane main feeder road to the city is to be applauded.