Walking tour of Ketchikan

Rain was forecast as 100% chance of rain by 1pm, and in the end, that wasn’t far wrong. And what cold rain it was too when it arrived.

We met Joe on the dock along with 14 others. Joe’s been doing these walking tours for 25 years, and unlike the guy in Juneau yesterday, appreciates the cruise boats coming to his town.

We walked and he talked, trying to teach us some of his language along the way. He was an informative and gracious host and I enjoyed the morning.   He left us at a salmon creek so we spent a bit of time watching these fish fighting against the strong current. I’d heard of a fish ladder and now have seen one – this one was a concrete structure that assisted the fish climb over the highest rapids by giving them an easier way around in a series of zigzag rises – neat.

The light cold rain started just before the tour finished so it was a good thing to get back on the ship and into the relative warmth of the cabin. The on board laundromat was used for the first time today. Tokens are purchased with our ship ID card, then the token inserted into the machine. Fortunately Kerry got in early and purchased her tokens for when we went back to empty the drier, the token machine wasn’t functioning. A call had been made to the help desk, and the two Australian women were waiting patiently. For the other with a more local accent, the wait was intolerable. The Princess Cruises motto is Come Back New. We’re a couple of days away from Vancouver, and sadly I think she still might need a few more days.