Cruise Day One – Hubbard Glacier

An easy overnight cruise on calm waters with nary a swell or movement across the ocean. 

Breakfast in one of the restaurants again, seated with four locals all enjoying spending their children’s inheritances. Stories of five years of motorhome traveling from one couple with a friendly patient husband with his wife who was rude to the wait staff – we judged her. The other pair had travelled overseas as part of a banks tour company, retired art teachers in small communities. Open minded people.

Exploring our new home we found a buffet area at last, much better than restaurant style eating, except portion control was up to oneself, and that can slip a little at time; especially after Tatiana made me a lovely hot toddie to help with my lingering croaky voice.

We picked up a pilot and made our way up a fiord to the Hubbard Glacier and spent an hour or so just hanging around there, getting closer to the chunks of ice and the base of the enormous Glacier that was taller than our ship. Bits would come off, called calving, and crash into the sea causing decent waves.

Plenty of pictures to follow when we move onto land and away from the $1 minute internet time.
A small panini for dinner, another hot toddie, or was it a Baileys and chocolate – all these health drinks I’m losing track.

It was formal night and dinner gowns and tuxedos seemed common for those inclined. We stayed in and didn’t venture into that scene.