A little village called Talkeetna

Luggage at the door by 7am means an early start. It was still there at 9am which is a bit of a letdown considering we missed on a sleep in.

Breakfast of something with egg and bacon in a reheated wrap that was unlikely to kill me immediately, then onto the coach for a couple of hours down the road to the McKinley lodge. Essentially another Princess Cruises lodge and on the southern side of the Denali national park, with more mountain views out our window. Nice.

Misty rain on the journey and some snaps through the window again.

It was before when we arrived and our luggage was trailing along somewhere, so we caught the local shuttle bus for an hour drive to the village of Talkeetna; which is the railhead for the next step of our journey in a couple of days.

What a delightful little village this was and perhaps what I’d imaged Alaska to be like. Instead it’s been towns, development and modern facilities.

We bought some supplies at the local store to save expensive and unhealthy breakfast at the resorts, then found a quaint little pub around the corner. A pint of 9% honey mead went down a treat as a health tonic of course. I’ve had a cold all week which is just plain annoying, so was overdue for a nice health drink.

Along came salmon and halibut, some exploring of the confluence of three rivers and a nap on the way home on the bus.

The overhang on this motorhome is ridiculous.