Denali Day One

After a nice bus ride of around 200km from Fairbanks to Denali National Park, and checking into our resort/hotel/motel, we went for a walk in the forest.

Emily was the tour leader, a young woman from Missoula where we are going in a few weeks.

More story later, for now, here are some photos.





Emily showed us many berries, some that the bears eat as they contain lots of sugars to help build up energy stores for winter. Estimated they have to eat 200,000 a day to put on weight so they are grazing an awful lot.

We enjoyed Emily’s tour. She treks into the back country, meaning off trails, for several days and even living in Denali will forage in the forage for the green feed which sustains her. She showed us some that you make a tea with and it helps with ailments. I’m about to try some…. see you on the other side ….


Squirrels nest up a tree. We saw a few but they were too quick to photograph.