Let’s fly to Seattle

A special surprise was in order for Kerry when we cut the queue at Dubai gate B20.


Enjoying the onboard experience in Emirates 777 Business Class.

Champers at 9:30am. Before breakfast. Just the one.

SO pleased to do the upgrade.
Flying over dry Iran. This arid landscape covers a large area.

The flight will take us north over Iran, the ‘Stans, Russia and the North Pole before heading south over Canada and into Seattle.

Breakfast, with a tablecloth.

And an ooopsy. The tea cup had a fine crack in it a hot tea was dripping out at a great rate. Attentive staff fixed it all up.

The clouds cleared to show the remote wetlands of northern Russia. Marvellous to see this coastline.

The top of the world

North Pole is around here somewhere


And to finish off an extraordinarily long day, here’s some numbers.

We started Saturday 10 September in the air about 1800km north west of Perth. Nine hours later we landed in Dubai. 5 hours later we left Dubai to fly to Seattle.  That took 16 hours. The last three hours we’ve been exploring the shorefront at Seattle, and there still six hours to go in the day until Sunday rolls around. Total; 39 hours give or take. A long day.