April update

Today my International Drivers License arrived in the mail. Not a very impressive document, based on an international covenant from 1949. Looks like they’re still working with the first print run…

Kerry’s leave has been approved, Jacob’s still keen. We’ve bought a 90 litre Black Wolf Cuba travel backpack and a $45 three man tent for the few occasions we’ll need one these in China, Mongolia and Russia. Baby steps towards the trip.

I’ve also researched and recorded a timeline for things to happen, such as applying for visas. Application for China can be done here in Perth; Mongolia and Russia applications are completed in Canberra. All require sending our passports away for the application and bank cheques for payments. Some have online prefilling of the forms as we do in Australia, and they all require an ‘invitation’ and or detailed itinerary of travel plans. I can see things could get complicated, so getting the spreadsheet sorted and timetable is a good thing. Thomas will supply the invitations.

I’m working full time with Graeme, Brian has a new two weeks on two weeks off job, Green has no engine, red is for sale but is overpriced but needs to be to cover our costs. Too early to apply for visas; feeling we’re in a bit of a stalemate.

Also, Putin and the Crimea are hot topics, especially amongst the Baltic states where we planned to travel. Will he move there next? Just in time for our visit…. 🙁

Let’s hope by next month I can be more positive.

I AM taking in as much news items about China. QANDA had a great episode last night, filmed in China. I am very sure it will be an entirely different country that any of us can possibly imagine.