Planning Update

Things are happening slowly.

Green has had it’s engine extracted and sold. No new engine has arrived for Green from the Kunawaritji_Community on the Canning Stock route as yet. It’s been raining in the desert and getting a truck out of there is difficult.

Red is still waiting for a new paint job, only weeks away now.

Thomas at 4×4 World Explorer has presented us with the itinerary, which adds a level of excitement to our planning. We have to sort out our own Visa’s, shipping for Green to Kuala Lumpur, and considering how we are going to travel from Ulan Ude/Lake Baikal to Moscow and further west.


Jacob is very keen to join the trip now, and Kerry is tossing up whether or not to spend a few weeks in Ireland in comfort and safety, or join us at DaLian and travel through northern China to Mongolia and onto the Trans Siberian train. If you want to get distracted and find out about travelling across the world by train or boat, but not plane, click on the link to the Trans Siberian train. The man in seat 61 has produced a wonderful international travel guide, well worth spending hours looking over. 

We’re finding out about how to arrange Visa’s to visit China, Russia and Mongolia. Each with their own requirements, fees and special sizings for passport photos. Many sites talk about getting Visa’s sorted as the biggest hassle of any trip arranging, and I can see why!  Thank goodness we live in a time of the internet where so much information is readily available.