Today was a day at the Olga’s. It was cold in the wind and we walked the Valley of the Winds walk, so sometimes it was very very cold. We wore or carried our lovely jackets and had beanies on our heads.
At the second lookout we had walked 2km and it was hard climbing up and down over the rocks. We turned around and came back, but Dad kept going and walked all the way around. It must have been easier walking as he arrived back only five minutes after us and he had walked an extra 2kms. The Olga’s were not one rock like Uluru, but made up of large river stones and sediments indicating a lot of water action many thousands or millions of years ago.
In the afternoon we headed back to the Cultural Centre and learnt about the Anunga people that lived in the area before white man came.

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Today we packed up our campsite with all the people around us, and headed back into the national park, parking at the base of the climb onto the rock. We had learnt the Anunga traditional owners preferred us not the climb the rock, so instead we walked a short way around it and saw the deep cavines and waterfalls that makes the rock so interesting.
Some of us climbed a little way onto the rock, up to the chain. It was really steep and there were some adults and teenagers that were scared because of the height.