Lasseter’s Cave and Uluru

Dad and Don got up before dawn and walked to a lookout on top of a nearby sanddune to see the sun rise onto the ranges. They said it was really nice and peaceful, but very cold – less than 5° in the early mornings.
Christopher, Cassidy and Caitlin stayed in their sleeping bags were they wore most of their clothes to bed, and had beanies and scarves and socks and extra blankets on too.

It was important we kept moving as we had to get Don and Caitlin to the airport for them to catch a plane home, so this made us be pushed for time the whole way. Next time Tim says he will leave a day earlier and expect to travel around 400kms each day.
The road from Docker River was the most corrugated we had come across and made travelling very uncomfortable.
We stopped after half an hour to check out Lassesters Cave. He was an explorer who lived in the cave for a month after his camels ran off with all his provisions around seventy years ago. He lived with an Aboriginal family who cared for him but he still died. The cave was small but had a great outlook onto the Hill River with lovely big white river gums.
All the kids climbed up onto the hill above the cave, Christopher and Caitlin made it all the way.


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After what seemed like hours of banging on the roads, we suddenly saw the Olgas appear when we were at the top of a sandridge. We were all excited to see our destination finally appear in the distance.
We arrived at the Yulara airport with an hour to spare before Don and Caitlin had to leave – not bad timing for 1126km of dirt road and five days of travelling. One flat tyre would have blown our timetable!
It had been great to have Don and Caitlin with us. All the kids got along fine and Dad enjoyed having Don to talk to and help out with driving and fixing the car.
We picked up Mum and Jacob from the airport too.
Mum thought it was wonderful that as she stood in the door of the plane to get off, there was Uluru – just over there.

After setting up we drove slowly around Uluru, marvelling at it’s size and majesty and redness as the sun went down.
Back at the resort shopping centre, Dad forgot he was in civilisation with road rules and drove across a footpath and down a curb that really wasn’t meant for driving across.

Mum and Jacob got a shock at how cold it was overnight, and even Dad and Christopher and Cassidy knew it had got colder. The car gauge said it was 2°. We could keep warm on the top, but the cold came through from underneath our airbeds even though they were on campbeds and off the ground. We searched the campsite shop and resort supermarket and bought their entire stock of thin foam mattresses that made heaps of difference.

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