Weingartsgrueth to Kröv

We’d travelled the Autobahns through the day, but ducked away onto smaller roads to avoid the inevitable congestion around Frankfurt

Arrived Kröv around 4:00pm and warmly greeted by the Klein family

Changed into workclothes and picked up a load of unwanted pine boards in the village from a friend of Jan’s. He is an Aussie, has married a doctor from Hannover, and been a teacher, wine maker and now boat salesman. They live with their two young boys in a 400 year old house they bought for around 300,000 Euro. Kerry’s eyes lit up!

We followed the smelly truck, fumes reminded us of car nine in the convoy, way up into villages out of Kröv and on dark found Jan’s brother Ernst family home. A large rambling very old house in a village of 45 people, that’s valued at around 60,000 Euro, including 2000sqm of land. Kerry’s ready to pack her bags!

Jacob is so excited being back at the Hof. It’s really his home away from home and he’s very proud to show us around. Tomorrow it’s been arranged for us to go grape picking on the slopes, that should be interesting!