Olomouc to Weingartsgrueth

Gastof Weichlein At Weingartsgrueth was our overnight stop. Lovely hotel with award winning chef in a very quiet village.

We’d travelled the Autobahns through the day, knowing we had a lot of distance to cover.

Not long after we crossed the border into Germany from the Czech Republic, Willhelm attracted the attention of the German Police who flagged us down. They had been parked up by the road, and something about us attracted their attention, so they hiked off after us. given we were doing a legal 140km/hr, we were surprised at how quickly they caught us up in their diesel Ford Focus. They pulled in front of us, lights flashing and making it very clear we needed to follow them into a convenient stopping bay. And the best part was when they waved a red wand out the window, the same way we used to wave our blue fairy wand that we’d got from the Nanjing Youth Olympics months ago. However this was no time for comparing fairy wands, and they wanted our papers, passports, Jacobs drivers licence and Willhelm’s registration papers. Once we’d presented all of these, in the meantime someone else had been pulled over too and was having their boot checked, they checked them all in their car and returned them to us with a smile and wishing us safe journey. They were polite and professional and clearly doing a border control function. Fair enough.

Through the day we travelled 670km and achieved 5.6l/100km for the day. The average speed was 104km/h. These cars are amazing. Given we were travelling at 150km/h plus for some distance, the economy at speed is incredible.

We swung by Bamburg which is a Delightful old living village with old buildings on the waterfront, then made our way to our hotel. Unfortunately it had bad Internet, so this is a little behind in posting.

Tomorrow we head to Kröv.