Choosing a vehicle

What sort of vehicle do you need to drive from Malaysia to Paris?

Should it be a comfy sedan, or should it be a robust 4WD?

Comfy sedan sounds nice, but robust 4WD is more befitting of a convoy called 4×4 World Adventures!

I have the mighty Vegiecruza, Landcruiser extrordinaire fully kitted out for remote off road travel in Australia.

Brian has a similar equipped mighty cruiser, an 80 series retro fitted with a 12h-t motor, the same as my older 60 series.

Both would be very capable of driving the 20 odd thousand kilometres in this journey. After all, journey’s of 10,000km are commonplace in Australia.

But what happens at the end? What happens when we get to Paris? What happens if the vehicle is damaged a bit, or a lot, or destroyed? At what point do we leave our pride and joys to a lonely grave on the other side of the world?

There is sense is buying a basic vehicle in Perth, ensuring it is sound, fitted with the required features but not overloaded with unnecessary extras, and feeling free to leave it in Paris until next time.

We are on the lookout for a basic Landcruiser 80 series of high spec, maybe fitted with a worn out petrol motor. With the skills and expertise available for the project, a conversion to diesel, fitting a GTurbo for the required performance, new springs, shocks, rims and tyres, and off we go. The budget is $10,000.

Let’s see how we go…..