One month to go

Time has drifted by with nothing much to do but wait for September 9th.  Of course that’s not quite right as we’ve been busy making changes to our time in Vancouver, booked accommodation in Seattle and San Francisco, and a nice overnight train ride between the two with a sleeper cabin; one that’s even more fancy than 2nd class on the Trans Siberian!

Seattle to San Francisco Coast Starlight



Flights booked

Money has been paid – Alaska and cruise booked.   Airflights booked. New DSLR, Canon 70D camera bought.

Must mean we are going 🙂

No Helen, it was decided we should not drive – but thanks for the idea!

Looking to spend a few days in Vancouver after the cruise, then train to Seattle and be met by locals for a behind the scenes week or so before returning home from San Francisco.   Stopover is planned in Dubai on the way back for around 30 hours so we get a chance to look around a little.

Looking for hints for Vancouver accommodation and to-do list, and 24 hour hotels in Dubai.