Buying stuff

Monday 25th November 2013 goes down as the day for the first purchase – the spending of cash – hard currency, not just chat and dreaming.

I bought a pair of bucket seats for the rear of the expedition cruiser. These bucket seats have a suspension base to give the occupant a comfy ride in the back. One of our ideas is to remove the rear bench seat and put two buckets in place. These ones are from a Pajero of unknown vintage, a bit grubby but not ripped up and basically good condition. Bargain at $200.

Over the last couple of weeks Brian and I have attended several damaged vehicle auctions, been trawling Gumtree and other online sites, but not found anything of much interest that suits our budget. I did find an 80 series that might suit us, and will be looking at that tomorrow.

Brian has also sourced a couple of factory turbo engines of the right type but with broken bits we can fix at a good price. They are out in the desert, hence the good price, and transporting them back won’t be cheap, but nevertheless we hope they are a good option.

Folks, we have a project on the roll.