Aussie Invader

Many thank to Grant Hart (Grantlee Rockitt), musician extraordinaire and nice bloke, Brian and I have bought a 1990 Landcruiser GLX with 400,000km on the clock. Manual, and already fitted with a Diesel engine with 150,000 since new, it will be the base on which we will build a functional expedition vehicle.

Over the next months it will get new springs and shocks. New wheels and tyres. Most likely a factory turbo 1HDT with new GTurbo, and 3″ exhaust from Shaun at Carline Mufflers in Balcatta.
Oh and a paint job and probably more comfy seats.

I picked it up yesterday from Grant, and drove it to Harvey to spend the weekend with Kerry. Drives nicely, smooth ride, pulls a bit to the left, a few rattles here and there but nothing major. Pick up is fine for a non turbo engine, up to 80kmh that is. Oh for some grunt so it will DO something over that. I now understand about ‘building speed’ as opposed to ‘acceleration’. GTurbo, here we come.