Missoula to Seattle

Few words can cover the gratitude we have for our hosts, Don, Trish and Ellis who drove us 760km from their home to Seattle just to drop us off at our hotel for tonight – The Panama Hotel – AND THEN DROVE HOME AGAIN!! Amazing – thank you!!

Whilst being cared for at their home, we were completely looked after and taken on great hikes. Yesterday was a slightly rainy rest day.

Today had a cold start, around 4°C, clearly and indicator of the weeks and months ahead.

On the down side, Kerry tripped as she got out of the van, face planted onto the kerb leaving a nice bruise and graze, taking a chunk out of her left knee and injuring her wrist to a point that we realised this might be more than a sprain.  Jan, the owner at Panama, ensured we got ice for the wrist and provided TLC too.

We found a pharmacy come deli and bought stretchy strapping, topped up on anti-inflammatory pills, and did a reconnaissance to the train station to find where we had to go the next morning. This is always a good idea when feasible.

The only photo from today is one from close to our hotel after we found dinner at the local Shanghai restaurant. Good to know it’s fireproof.