A parade, we’ve seen a parade!

A bit of rain dampened our expeditioning intentions for today.

Don and I took his Toyota to the dealership to get the ‘check engine’ light checked out in preparation for the journey back to Seattle tomorrow. It had come on yesterday which caused some alarm, but with no evidence of any problem, we forged on. Fortunately the scan tool only came up with a faulty crank angle sensor – a common intermittent fault – so the journey can be planned to continue.

A little late morning trip to check out the mall turned into a major outing when we came across a homecoming parade – a real live homecoming parade. Not quite sure what it was all about, but it was fun to see. We were given plenty of lollies, plenty of fancy hats and promo materials.

A selection of images for you.




And a squirrel in the yard when we got home.