Day Ten – Kununurra

nice view just outside our tent this morning.

Matthew went hunting and brought back eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages and a multitude of other foods. Phil the surgeon from Melbourne and I cooked it all up and a big feed was finished by mid morning. Kerry and I met one of her workmates in town for a coffee and chat until we met back at the bottle shop for the midday opening. 

After a latish lunch we visited the Sandelwood farm and stocked up on nice smelly stuff, plus the Rum Hoochery and stocked up on nice tasty stuff. Tonight it will be sunset at Kellie’s Know, THE place to do sunset in Kununurra – unless you’re by the lake outside the tent where im blogging from.


Day Nine – El Questro to Kununurra

Lovely early swim in the Zebedee Hot Springs – warm springs is a better name but at 28 – 32°C they are pleasant no matter the description.
An easy drive along the bitumen through spectacular scenery eventually got us to our caravan park in kununurra overlooking Lake Kununurra – well…. right beside it really. 
A quick tent set up then back onto the bus to arrive at the Lake Argyle for the sunset cruise. Run by Lake Argyle Tours, this was a nice sized boat with great commentary team. First swim was encouraged, just jump straight in off the back of the boat. The fearless Bambach family climbed to the very top of the accessible section of the cliff and jumped, one at a time. I made sure I had the spare keys to the bus and was quickly going over the itinerary for the rest of the trip when leader Matthew took the 20 metre jump, followed by Elise and Tom. Several others, including kids around 10 took high, but not quite the top, jumps. 

The size of the lake is impressive and the view from the dam wall area is deceptive. It is only 362m long and the lake looks big. But all you see is a small portion of the lake from here.  A narrow valley opens up to a vast expanse of water, with it being possible to travel 50km without turning the direction of the boat. 
 Fish were fed, facts were spread, small freshwater crocs were seen, wallabies were fed and then the boat tied up again in the middle of a large body of water, about 30m deep. Floaties were thrown into the water, passengers all jumped out and were passed wine, or thrown cans of beer for passengers to sip whilst watching the sun go down.
Great fun had by all. kerry won an extra beer for a sports quiz question. I’ll enjoy that later Thanks!!

After a long fast ride back – there is so much water here that if the dam wall was completely breached, the dam would take four years to drain – we enjoyed a meal in the gardens with the AFL playing on several large screen TVs around the yard. Very pleasant afternoon.