Day Eight – El Questro

nice early start to get to Emma Gorge about 20 km down the road, still operated by the same company that runs el Questro. There is a nice resort there with safari tents setup, pool and open air dining.
The walk up to Emma Gorge took about thirty minutes and got warmer as we went with the valley closing in and the heat radiating out from the walls of the gorge. We were soon enough into tree cover, curly palms, and then some delightful rainforest with ferns and oh so clear water.

Clambering over the last rocks and a magnificent, the best I’ve seen, high circular gorge opened before us. A trickle of water was still running down the waterfall, and the rocks themselves were seeping many drips of water, dripping over ferns on the high walls, perhaps 60m high. One fig tree was right up the top hanging onto the rock wall and its roots creeping down the the water complete with a constant stream of water flowing along this tentacle of enthusiastic root growing. 


Like these other gorge pools, the water was refreshingly cold and the deed of entering the water had to be done whilst you still felt hot from the walk. With the gorge in shade, it was easy to cool down and not feel like a swim after all. Some found a warm stream which was nice to warm up in. Once submersed, I was able to last for about twenty minutes floating around.
A hot walk back, then a boat cruise along the Chamberlain river gorge. The highlight of which was fish feeding when a fish though my camera was a bug to be spat at and fall into the water to be eaten. It’s not Mr Fish!

A night in dry rice seems to have drawn the copious dollop of water, it was a great shot by said fish.