Day Two – Windjana Gorge to Silent Grove

Great sleep in the tent with no fly so we could see the stars all night. It did get cold though, so tonight we’ve covered the tent in a fly and will be warmer. It was probably about 15°C.

Getting up with the sun, an easy breakfast and packup we were ready to leave by around 7:30am. Off we trundled to Tunnel Creek on a road that had the inevitable Kimberley Massage corrugations and changed into our wetable shoes. Despite us both being through Tunnel Creek previously we made our way over the rocks and into the dark cave. It’s always interesting, and Matthew showed us things we’d not known about before. Along the way we wade through knee high water and came across a 1.5m freshwater croc sitting in the dark on the bank of the small stream. I assisted our eldest participant, 78 yo, through the rocky sections. She was fond of gazing up to the cave ceiling whilst not checking the rocks on the ground. Fortunately she didn’t fall or slice open her calf on the rocks. Some of the group had a swim at the end of Tunnel Creek before walking back. So cool inside, so much hotter outside. 

Back to Windjana to pick up the food trailer, lunch was had, and we made our way to the real Gibb River Road. Fortunately it wasn’t too rough, until that is, we turned into Silent Grove where we are tonight. 

Napier Range and King Leipold Ranges today.



The Lilimoolora Police Station site has a key role in the violent invasion and takeover of country from the indigenous people, in this case, the Bunuba and individuals like Jandamarra. The story is told briefly at the entrance to Tunnel Creek, and more completely in a historical account Matthew shared with us. It’s not something we can be proud of and highlights the violent dispossession of the land and the terrible decline of a race that we see today.