Day One: Broome to Windjana Gorge

Normal first day delays of unexpected last minute glitches, people needing to be chased up from their accommodation and we left Broome around 8:15am with me driving. Fortunately no one seemed to complain as the road rolled away under us. 

Managing the cooling system of the vehicle is proving an annoying and mildy stressful exercise. As soon as a load is increased on the motor, the coolant gauge rises the red. Keeping the passengers cool with the AC, plus increasing the speed of the vehicle to cruising speed of around 90kmh is a different balancing act. 

We’ve got Matthew as trip leader, two of his teenage children, Kerry and myself, plus four people from Victoria, one couple and two singles.  Slowly the ice is being broken.

Morning tea at Willare Roadhouse over the mighty Fitzroy River, then onto Derby for lunch by the jetty, and a top up of fuel (the bus does 3km/l), drinks and snacks from Woolies, then out along the Gibb River Road to the Wanjina Gallery. 
Eventually the gravel started and tonight we are camped at the Windjana Gorge campsite. Instructions on the dark art of erecting a tent for the newbies and most people helping set up the campsite and prepare for the evening meal. Magnificent colours of the sun bouncing off the rocks, little fresh water crocodiles in the water, wallabys and a great big sky.