Lazy day in Broome

Our first B&B

Breakfast of toast and coffee at our AirB&B hosted by Steph down near Town Beach. Bit of concern at water on the floor in front of the fridge first thing, but it seems the fridge was just having a rest and defrosting. With the high humidity in Broome, the little bar fridge was getting a work out. Very excited that our milk for coffee and spreads for breakfast will be nicely chilled now.

Town Beach
Town Beach

A short walk to Town Beach  for a morning coffee and watching the tide go out. Cybil was cleaning her teeth by the public water fountain, shower by the beach so we waited patiently for her to finish her teeth, her shower, wash a few clothes, scrub between her toes and the concrete base, also with a toothbrush. Kerry was rather hoping it was a different toothbrush but we have no evidence to confirm or deny this. Cybil did look like she’d warded off a fair bit more than a bit of bacteria in her time, so I think she will be okay. She had her little terrier guarding her every move. A free lady travelling around, good on her I say. Kerry will give her a new tooth brush tomorrow…

We found this little wriggly fellow on the beach

Hermit crab on Town Beach Broome

After all this excitement we caught the Broome Bus Service into Chinatown. Could have walked it on a cooler day, but although it was  pleasant 30°C or so around lunchtime, having a ride on a  Broome Bus Service was an experience not to be missed.

Lunch was sought out at the Son Ming Restaurent in China Town. Trip Advisor reviews doesn’t give this place a good rap, but $15 each for a decent feed for lunch that has filled us all day, and we’re not in hospital – bonus. Linus, Matthew and I had eaten here in April when we brought the buses up. Linus had been planning to bring Chinese tourists on a self drive tour around the Kimberley and was checking out local supplies to suit the Chinese tastes. Our hostess today reminded me of something I’d learnt in China a year ago – that Chinese of my age are unlikely to have a bar of going out in the bush, roughing it and would much prefer the Casino’s. Why, because when they were young, the cultural revolution was in full swing and they were sent to the country to work for a pittance for a year. These hard times left a strong memory on this generation, and they’re not going to choose to come to a foreign country to go an live rough.  You’d not have to take this historical lesson into account for any other country I can think of.

Matthew picked us up from Chinatown and we worked for a few hours loading a whole lot of excess gear into the spare bus, I suspect the one Kerry and I will be travelling in to Perth in a few weeks. With a heavy loaded trailer, heavy loaded bus, we took both to the Broome Gateway Caravan Park to leave them in the good care of Ken and Bev for the next few weeks. This park is well out of town, but the only one that will take pets. Ken and Bev are the warm and friendly caretakers, and we look forward to chatting more to them when they join us on the trip up to Cape Leveque after we return to Broome in a few weeks.

A quick clothes wash tonight, after a sumptous meal bought at Fongs Supermarket that left us with only two spoons to wash up – yes, living the high life in Broome, and it’ll be an early night, surprisingly without beer , to get ready for our early pickup and we’ll be ON OUR WAY…. Yay