Packing up and getting aclimatised

My, it’s not like a Perth winter here!! Today was around 36°C as we where packing up the old trailer with all the left over equipment that won’t be needed on this trip, in readiness for it to be taken to Perth at the end of September.

Drinking plenty of water, resting out of the sun – a big difference to sitting around a heater at home.

I’m thinking we’ll be off to Matsos brewery for a mango beer very soon.

It was good to catch up with Matthew again and hear his tales. All credit to him here, and Carmel at home, for making it through their first season and coming out the other end, nearly.

The buses are certainly worse for wear after their first season. The rough roads have taken their toll on suspension components on both the trailer and the trucks themselves. Several sets of shock absorbers and replacement springs have been required, all fitted at remote locations. Some of the early overheating problems we were concerned about on the way up remain on both buses, indicating it’s more a design issue than a specific fault. Certainly plenty to consider for the off season repairs in Perth.

Fortunately good springs mean a comfy ride for passengers, and with the powerful roof mounted air conditioner keeping us cooler than outside, the trip will be excellent I’m sure. Leaving on Thursday.