Back in Broome

Ahh Broome in September – Great evenings under the stars.

But first, we had to leave Perth. Last minute rush to get appointments sorted out, a couple of hours back at work to help with handover, then back home to pack, a quick lunch snack and open the Uber app on the phone to get us a lift sorted to the airport

Arrived an hour before boarding, plenty of time to take things easy and not get flustered, and start the process of getting into holiday mode.

2.5 hour flight to Broome from Perth had us landing on time at 6pm just after sundown.


It’s pretty cool how the airlines now allow small devices, like the iPad to be functioning the whole time in flight. My nice new iPad has built in GPS, so low and behold I picked up a GPS location on one of my mapping apps and was able to track us into landing. This may not appeal to the majority, but I think it’s pretty cool. 250kmh landing speed. You’d never know that unless I told you would you!!

Caught a cab to our first booking with Air B&B and are staying down near Town beach in old Broome. Just over the road is the famous 18 Degrees bar and restaurent which has fed us watered us well, sitting outside in the just right temperature.
18° Broome

Just the right temperature for a couple of Little Creatures Ales, hence the chatty blogging, Wild barramundi medallions, shrimp and pork dumplings, mint, onion, cucumber chilli, wild rice and creamy beetroot foam, with a plate of roasted garlic rosemary chat potoatoes, chorizo on the side. Who says this is a wild frontier town….

Just had a call from Matthew to arrange our tasks for tomorrow really looking forward to reconnecting and getting into it.

Oh, the mosquitoes are really BIG!!!!