The excitement builds to a crescendo!

This afternoon, most of the Perth based bashers gathered at Barry’s for a few hours, packing trailers and meeting each other. And what a cacophony it was.  How on earth we are going to herd 24 Bashers and keep them on track is a frightening prospect, if the experience today with only ten is anything to go by.

Ingo and Iris continue to be amazed at all these Australian cousins they are discovering. Gary and Phoebe have arrived from Toowoomba and will be travelling with Trevor and Pat.

Barry and Jenny’s garage is no longer full of crates, chairs, beds and stoves. It’s now all in Tim and Don’s trailers which are both heavily loaded. Photos will come tomorrow. UHF radios were checked to make sure we could communicate on the road. The planning phase is now over – the journey begins tomorrow.

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One thought on “The excitement builds to a crescendo!”

  1. Cheers all round, looks like bash team Perth has made it to Baandee and Team Nor westers has made it to Leonora. We are just about to hit the main street and the White House Hotel to meet the locals and talk gold and beer. See you all in Kal tomorrow where we can greet, kiss and hug etc and become one Beautiful BashTeam. Cheers everyone and well done day one completed ..tick.

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