The end – or the beginning

So folks, this is the end of the Grand Rellie Bash of 2013.

Total distance travelled by Perth people – approx 2200km. Many more by those from Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, Mt Gambier, Karratha and north of Frankfurt in Germany.

The buzz on the radio as we travelled home yesterday was about ‘what’s next?’.

Suggestions came thick and fast, mainly from our 87 year old insatiable traveller Pat!

  • Gunbarrel Highway from Wiluna to Giles and Uluru.
  • Pilbara
  • Gibb River Road in the Kimberley
  • Tom Scotland history at Cue, and Anna Plains Station near Broome where there is a Scotland Point named after him.

But for now, the bash goodies have been packed away but not the dreams of the next big great rellie bash. The tables are at Kerry and Don’s, the toilets and Showers at Barry and Jenny’s. The food, my goodness the food ……..    Tim found a full carton of beer and two casks of red wine in his car, along with 8 loaves of bread, still fresh as the day it was bought a week ago.  So much food to eat, tomatoes, oranges, lettuce and cabbages carried through the deserts. Sauces, sausages and sangria – all laid out on the tables for each meal. Breads, rolls, wraps. Olives, pickles and vegemite.  Cheeses, not just one, but many.

Someone asked what we would do differently next time in the planning.

Many things, in fact 95% of the planning went smoothly and as we had hoped. Most of these things, we did magnificently. The allocation of tasks worked well as people played their roles with aplomb. What we couldn’t account for was vehicle related problems, but all of those were resolved with minimal fuss and minimal delay to the overall bash. In all we had two flat tyres, one running out of fuel, a veggie oil filter needed changing on the mighty VeggieCruza, and an odd loss of oil from the airline feeding the diff lock on the VeggieCruza. Oh, and the biggest issue was Tim’s trailer brakes locking on, and with him not knowing, dragging the brake for 30kms by the time it was ready to melt or burst into flames – taking our food, camping and stash of 300 litres of canola oil with it. Fortunately this didn’t happen!!  So with seven or eight vehicles and 27 people for our last night, this was remarkable. There were a few with colds and the flu, fortunately it didn’t get passed around. And Bruce, well…. we will never forget the silence that descended over the oval as he dived towards the rocky ground, and the subsequent blood and damage that needed repairing. But repaired it was, and with all that prima pore bandaging on his face, he’ll be staying out of the public glare for a few weeks and be doing lots of work in the back paddocks on the farm.

Timing was always tight, we needed to stay with the plan, work as a collective, and things would fall into place. We did our best to onboard everyone with plenty of information via email, and post for those who didn’t have email. What we could have done more of was making sure we telephoned every participant and briefed them on their role, our expectations and really bring them all into the fold.

So folks, this one is done and dusted. Will there be a next time?  and will you be up for it?

One thought on “The end – or the beginning”

  1. The whole thing was incredibly magnificent. If I were to change anything it would be time. We needed more days! Congratulations to the wonderful organisers. Everything came together beautifully. The camaraderie & humour were fantastic. The family history extremely well researched. Food organisation amazing. Tim’s veggiecruza was indeed luxurious. Window tinting so good, I often forgot to wear sunglasses. What power in that turbo! The amenities were brilliant. The scenery was amazing, stark but beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful & different educational holiday experience.

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