Day Five – Theil Well

Monday 1st April 2013 – 300km

Photos loaded when the technology permits. I can write blog text when out of range but cannot insert photos unless online.

1.1 9:00am Breakfast, pack up and leave in convoy

Last night, commitments where made to pack up early so we could play the big footy match and get on the road early

Teams were drawn by Phoebe, Trevor and Barry captain coaches. John was umpire. Consideration was made for the fitness of the participants vs the size if the oval and both teams kicked to the same end.



Team HuddlesDSC04271 The Umpire surveys the fieldDSC04272

Clearly this team needed some serious talking to. No doubt drug testing was one option.DSC04273


After a rousing chant that intimidated the other team we lined up opposite each other and there was a exuberant rendition of the national anthem. Dacien Gold staff lined the boundary as witnesses to this historic reenactment.


The ball was bounced. Things happened quickly and suddenly Bruce burst through the dust and a goal was scored.


The ground dear reader is rock. With a little dust in between.

DSC04274 DSC04275 DSC04276 DSC04277


At the second bounce Barry went down. Bruce looked like he was heading for a second goal when catastrophe struck and he went head first into the stones. The mood was sombre and he lay, motionless for a moment as he gathered his thoughts and the crowd gathered around. There was blood. Nose, chin, forehead. Serious cuts. Lots of blood.


After being patched up, Bruce was keen to take on the opposition again but we all realised this was not a good idea!! Those stones looked pretty awful.



The Captain, The Goal Kicker and the Umpire


Dacien filled our water containers and sent us on our way. We were very grateful for their support.

1.2 Travel 20km along Old Laverton Road to Murrin where Pete Pustkuchen worked at the WA Bank.

Waiting for the train


1.3 Travel 25km along the Old Laverton Road to Eulaminna, where Paula, Pete, Leo Pustkuchen all lived.

Sadly there is so little left here. Remnants of the railway siding, a few bottles and little else.


Time for a fruity treat in the outbackDSC04281


1.4 Travel past Kookynie pub, old mine site and lunch stop. 125km from Mt Morgans. Top up water supplies at Niagra Falls Dam

DSC04284 DSC04282

Lunch crew bursts into actionDSC01735 DSC01736 Kookynie is the best preserved old town we found. In ten years, it will be rubble like Burtville. Once the roof goes the bricks deteriorate and crumble. DSC01737


Exploring the mineshafts

DSC01738 DSC01739 DSC01740 DSC01741

Don explaining the amalgam leaching process.
DSC01742Gecko. Known as a crocodile to Ingo. Every reptile was a crocodile by the end of the journey.



1.5 Menzies. Refuel if needed – supplies not confirmed.

1.6 Travel 100km to Theil Well, near Black Rabbit Mine. Theil Well was named after Leo’s alumni from Freiburg. 325km from Laverton

1.7 Set up camp next to Theil Well, on Credo Station.

The toilet and safety crew did a wonderful job. Holes were dug, tents erected, safety guides in place, all night lighting. Superb.


Trevor’s palace
DSC01777 DSC01776Don, Kerry, Iris, Ingo, Gary and Phoebe


Barry, Jenny, Helen, GraemeDSC01774Tim’s trailer and the VeggieCruza

DSC01772Janet and Tony


The kitchen crew’s work was superb. Comfortable overheard, soft and prickle free underfoot. DSC01769Barry and Jenny next to the Theil Well windmill. Theil Well was definately named by Leo as it was the name of his alumni from his university. We have every reason to believe Leo, Pete, Eric and Tom all spent time in these exact parts.

DSC01768 DSC01767 DSC01764

And joining us for the last night were Paula, Geoff and Louise – Weidenbach descendants who had come from Melbourne to meet us in the middle of the outback.

2013 Easter Golfields Bash (97)

DSC01759Janet and Tony

DSC01758 KatejeanDSC01754